Vision & Mission
"Utopia to save life, CHEMAS"

* What is Bio Utopia? Biotechnology innovation to set everyone free from the physical and emotional pain of cancer and to improve the quality of life of patients



Develop the next generation of anti-cancer drug which are safe and effective through an integrated approach with Korean traditional medicine and biotechnology Through biotechnology innovations of CHEMAS, deliver the best medical solutions to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from disease


Developing new and innovative treatments to help people find hope, with the ultimate goal of saving lives.
Building a better tomorrow with biotechnology innovation and respect for life


We are a biotechnology company focused on developing treatment. In particular, our research is targeted at the discovery and development of innovative medicines for patients with cancer. Our ultimate and highly valuable goal is to develop treatment which will improve the lives of those suffering from cancer.

We have finished pre-clinicals trial of TetraAs – these trials were developed by us according to EMA and US FDA criteria – and we have started undertaking clinical trials for cancer in Europe. Through effective cooperation with global pharmaceuticals and research institutes, and through further medicine research and development, we will keep extending our oncology pipeline.

To be global biotech and pharmaceutical company, we will never stop researching and developing new and innovative ways to treat society’s biggest health challenges. We sincerely wish to make a positive change in the world.